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Ellie's Story

Disclaimer: This is the personal story of a survivor of domestic violence. It is intended to help and give hope to those in similar situations. We are not licensed therapists or Doctors.  It is in no way an absolute fix or a solution for all.  These are the things the story teller has personally dealt with and the lessons learned from their experience.   If you need immediate help, please call 9-1-1.  Please seek professional help if you are suffering from the ramifications of domestic abuse. The true name of the writer has been concealed for their protection.




I have always wanted to share my story. I knew if I did and put real names it would be a source of embarrassment for several people. So, I stayed quiet. My goal was never to expose anyone. I simply wanted other women to know what to look out for. My children have a good relationship with their father now, and we are amicable, so I write this...

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