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Letters to My Daughters - The Final Letter

Updated: May 3

Disclaimer: This is my personal story intended to help and give hope to those in situations similar to mine. I am not a licensed therapist or Doctor.  It is in no way an absolute fix or a solution for all.  These are the things I personally dealt with and the lessons I have learned from my experience.   If you need immediate help, please call 9-1-1.  Please seek professional help if you are suffering from the ramifications of domestic abuse.



Now you know a huge part of Mom’s story.  Here is the important part. These are the crucial lessons I have learned that I have to tell you. I pray you cling to these words. 



You are priceless.  You are unique and a rare treasure. Never let anyone take that away from you or cause you to question it.  You have a purpose. No one can take that away. No mistake or tragedy that comes your way can derail it! 

The things we go through are only a shock to us, never to Him.  I love this quote from Lisa Bevere's book, Without Rival.

This is why we started the Kady Kelly Co. at 7 years old. Maybe you won’t be an entrepreneur when you grow up, and that is perfectly fine. As your parents, it’s our job to open every window around so you can look out and see endless possibilities that could lead you right into your purpose. 

Please, please hear this... 



This may sound tough. I’ll be honest, I’m now 3-whatever years old and I’m beginning to really grasp ahold of what I was created for. I’ve always known my purpose would be serving people - maybe in ministry. I didn’t have the specifics but I knew the direction and the road to travel. I met your Daddy on that road and he more than compliments me in so many ways. Vice versa. 



You both know, the three of us are possibly some of the world’s most spoiled girls - your Mother at the top of the list. Your Daddy does everything for me, for us. He pays the bills, he pumps the gas, he makes Mommy coffee every morning and peels Mommy’s crawfish. (Mommy’s fingers are allergic.🤷🏽‍♀️) He even handles the laundry!! Mommy is living the dream!

👉🏾 Now sit up straight and buckle up because I need you to get this!

If Mommy had to do all of those things, she absolutely could. Mommy can pay bills, make coffee and pump her own gas. Mommy has two degrees and a plethora of work experience. I'm not saying you have to have a degree and a healthy resume. It helps but there are many successful people who didn't finish college.  My point is that you take every opportunity to make the absolute best of yourself. Maximize every moment. You were made for more so always strive to be more. 


Let’s not get it twisted. I am head over heels obsessed with your Daddy! ❤️ I’m never letting that man get away! 

No man, no matter how wonderful, is your everything. There is a reason I didn’t say your Daddy ‘completed’ me. Mommy was a complete, and whole woman before I married your Daddy. Truth is, what I found most attractive about him is that he was so whole and complete on his own. He was, and is, so confident. My 100% and his 100% made us a mega 200%. 



I need you to understand, in this over-Disney’d world you live in, you should never catch yourself singing ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’ as you wait for life to start. Live your very best life now. Start your own businesses. Buy your own car. Be a boss if you need to be. When you do get married and have children, be an AMAZING wife and Mom. Love, honor and respect your husband. Never lose yourself. Never lose your worth or forget your purpose.  

As your Mimi would always tell me any time my heart was broken, ‘You were Megan before you met will keep being Megan afterwards.’  Should you find yourself in a terrible situation, find someone and talk to them.  When it’s over, do everything you can to dust yourself off and keep going. 



If you somehow forget everything else, remember this...Jesus is everything and ALL you truly need. I’m writing this part in tears. I don’t even understand how I am where I am. Statistically, I should be 6ft under or at the least, still caught in a terrible cycle. BUT GOD! He is the Hope that you can always cling too. 

It’s important for me to say these things to you guys because I’m your Mommy.  When you are both old enough to read this, maybe I’ll still here, maybe I won’t.  I know who absolutely will be here. 


I love you with all my heart. Thanks for reading my story. 





If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

For anonymous, confidential help, 24/7, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or  1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

If you are being abused by your partner, know there is nothing you have done or are doing to cause the abuse. It is solely the choice of the abuser to abuse. It may seem impossible to escape your abuser, change your circumstances, or find the help you need, but it is possible. However, you know your abuser best, so think carefully through your situation and circumstances and do what is the best for you.


Baton Rouge Area


(225) 389-3001 or statewide toll free at 1-800-541-9706.

Their phones are 24hrs/day

The Butterfly Society (Local non-profit - Zachary)


Battered Women's Shelter (Ascension parish)

1068 E Worthey St, 

Gonzales, LA 70737

EBRDA Domestic Violence Division

(225) 389-7714

(225) 389-8889

(225) 389-5355


24/hr National Number(s): 1-800-799-7233 and 1-800-787-3224


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