A national sisterhood for networking and resources.









Mompreneur Nation Membership 

A sisterhood for networking and resources.


The truth is this…you will never be the best version of yourself alone. The introvert needs the extrovert. The creatives need the friends with structure.

The recently divorced or grieving desperately need the one who has  walked that path before her. In every stage of business, we need a hand up to those ahead of us and a hand out to those behind us.

We are Mothers, entrepreneurs, wives, bosses. No one can truly get you like a fellow Mompreneur. The greatest encouragement you can have is from someone who truly understands. Their applause is validation. Their cheers from the sidelines give you that needed second wind. 

As much as this group needs you, you need this group. You need the support and the hundreds of new friends that will sing your praises to all they know.  We totally do that! Check out what these Moms said about our group.

Hey Momma!

I'm right there with you! I see the hours you're putting in that others don't see.  I see the overwhelm and frustration as you try to build a life that allows you more freedom yet somehow consumes the time you're so desperately trying to free for your family.  

I see the crazy-woman balancing act you've got going each day as you try to catch up on emails and focus on your babies consciously trying to not let them feel second place. 

Most will look at you and say, "Well, you wanted to be home with your kids! Why are you frustrated?" They just don't get it.  I get it.  The Moms in our community get it too.  

I began this group with the idea that there had to be other Moms out there that feel the same way I do.  Moms that love what they do and are dedicated to it but don't want to sacrifice priceless time with their babies. Why should we? Becoming a Mother doesn't somehow minimize who we were before. Things are just different now. We do things different now. 

I was right. There are so many amazing women who feel the same way I do. I have learned so much from them. I've grown so much as an entrepreneur gleaning the wisdom from these Moms.

I've watched them collaborate together and support each other. I've seen some who came in new to our city with no friends, get connected and feel at home. You will feel the same way.

I love that this community allows you to see what's working for other Moms in a similar situation. Because our group is open to Mompreneurs of all ages, there is so much wisdom and knowledge to gain.  Not to mention the marketing, social media trainings, free downloads business and resources directly at your fingertips. 

What are you waiting for?

Mompreneur Nation will officially launch, August 15th.  ENROLLMENT OPENS AUGUST 1ST. Join our waiting list now and be notified the moment the doors open.  Sign up at the beginning of the month, go get the kids back in school and then join us as we kick off August 15th.


You are locked in at this price! Your monthly price will never go up, unless you cancel and rejoin at another date!



Access to 'THE VILLAGE' Member Portal 

When you join, you’ll get your personal login to a community within our website with business resources and monthly themed bundles. So let’s say one month we’re focusing on social media.  The first day of that month, you’ll get a bundle of customizable templates, current trending hashtags, 30 day planning calendars and more.

Other resources and bonus content could be templates, worksheets, and recorded training videos.


Private Facebook Group (s)

You'll get exclusive access to a supportive, private Facebook community full of other Mompreneurs that are just like you with the same  challenges and with strengths opposite to yours to help you grow. 


Monthly Planner

Your monthly planner will include an outline/summary of what's going on that month. You'll have a place to fill in your goals, marketing strategies for the month and more. You'll also have a place to write down your goals for the next 30 days that you'll share with your business bestie for accountability.


Monthly Business Besties

My favorite part of this community.  Each month you get a business bestie from our group. When your local group is established, you'll have two: one national and one local. This will be your bff for the month. You will hold each other accountable and learn from each other.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE INTROVERT MOMMAS: The scope of your friendship with your biz bestie is totally up to you. This isn't mandatory but it is crucial for growth.


Monthly Meet-Ups

One of the best parts of our group is the meet-ups! It is what really took our current group to the next level. We currently have meet-up locations in the Greater Baton Rouge area, Lafayette, Northshore (La) and Atlanta.  Groups wanting to meet in their area need an approved Tribe leader.  Interested in becoming a Tribe leader in your area? After the launch, you can fill out an application on our website.

Our monthly meet-ups are currently free of charge.  As we grow and look at different locations, that could change.  As a founding member, you will always get the lowest price.

Hundreds of Moms like you are waiting to meet you!

Join our waiting list and become a FOUNDING MEMBER when we launch on August 15th. We'll send you the link to join our FREE group right now so you can start getting connected! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership includes:

Exclusive access to 'The Village' Member Portal

Private Facebook Group

Monthly Marketing Bundles

Training with Experts

Monthly Business Besties

Accountability and Motivation

Discounts to events, apparel and products

The official launch date for the Mompreneur Nation will be Thursday, August, 15th. You can sign up to join as early as August 1st. Enrollment will begin August 1st. When you join our waiting list, you'll be sent emails with more details leading up to launch time.  Plus, we'll send you the link to join our current group with hundreds of amazing Mompreneurs waiting to meet you.

Members who join during our launch period (August 1st - 15th) will get the LIFETIME Founding Member fee of $19.99/month. This is the lowest it will ever be.


Right now Mompreneur Nation will have local meet-ups in the Greater Baton Rouge area, Lafayette, Northshore (La), and Atlanta, Georgia. 

After a tribe leader has been established in a new area, that city/region will have their own private Facebook page and establish monthly meet-ups.  

If you would like to become a Tribe leader, you can fill out the application that will be available on our website. 


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